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Help Swoopa the Seal in 10 levels of fishy fun.

Fly Pie
Juicy! Delicious and Nutritious! Hop to it!

Turkey Fling
Pull and stretch the rubber turkey

Downhill Dilly
Fast paced action as Dilly races down

The Squirrel Family in Payback!
It's Payback time - Squirrel Family style!

Lenny Loosejocks' Australia Day Blast!
Explosive fun with Lenny Loosejocks!

Easter Egg Hop!
Help Hopper collect easter eggs!

Turkey To Go!
Help Turkster the Turkey get all his feathers back!

4th of July Game
Blast your rocket and light the fireworks!

Broken Hearts
Don't break my heart!

Xenocrate 2
Brick busting action like you've never seen!

IndestructoTank AE
Ahh, the hunter becomes the hunted!
Tsunami Fighter
Repel the Tsunami so it doesn't hit Japan.
Hippy Monkey, Funky Hippo
Fast reflexes are what you need!

Want Flies With That
Jump, lick and eat!

Bubble Tanks 2
The bubble tanks are back for more fun!
Little Bugga
Brickout with bugs!

Bubble Tanks
Nothing but good, wholesome, bubble fun.
Fish Tales
Meet Sunny, a small fish in a vast ocean
Exploding rockets and fireworks!

Blob Farm
Click on the little blobs to drag and drop them
Feeding the Zoognoogles
Don't let the zoogs explode!

Valet Ballet
Watch out for the dirty bird.

Lenny Loosejocks in Cane Toad Explode
Driving action with Lenny and Donga.

The Birds n Bees
A valentines cutie

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