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Tiny Evolution Adventure
Set on a evolutionary adventure!
Tsunami Fighter
Repel the Tsunami so it doesn't hit Japan.
One Button Bob
Help Bob escape with just a click!
Roly Poly Cannon
Use you cannon to get rid of the roly-polys!
Broken Hearts
Don't break my heart!

IndestructoTank AE
Ahh, the hunter becomes the hunted!
Plant Life
Collect petals and use them to battle the bad guys
Bubble Tanks 2
The bubble tanks are back for more fun!
Bubble Tanks
Nothing but good, wholesome, bubble fun.
Shift 3
Shift 3 extends the puzzle-platformer series.
Ultimate Defense 2
Defend, fight and cast spells!
Hedgehog Launch
Hedgehogs in space!
Sand Storm
Off-road buggy racing.
Boom Bot
Why is blowing stuff up so fun?
Bounceroid 2000
Ball bouncing fun!
Defend the garden from Tars!
30 levels of orb destroying fun!
Shift 2
The sequel to a platforming classic.
A platforming classic.
Raft Wars
Arrggg! Sink them pirates!
Fill the board and capture angry ghosts.
Pacco Land
Eat pills to morph into a monster eating freak!
Missile defense with a twist of magnetism.
Magic Pen
Make clever use of physics to collect the flags.
Expand circles in the gaps between moving orbs.
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