Most Played Platform Games

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St Patrick's Gold
Feeling lucky? Gold! Gold! Gold!

Fat Boy Raids the Cookie Factory
Our most popular platform game

Sling meets Halloween!

Scary platforming adventure

Cat Burglar
Platforming action with feline friends!

Hillbilly Flea and Country Tick
Don't get ticked off -- get even!

Lenny Loosejocks in Bunyip Bash
Can you defeat the toxic bunyip boss?

The Fancy Pants Adventure
Run, jump and roll your way through 8 levels!
Eddie Algae
Platform fun with a cool glop of goo.

One Button Bob
Help Bob escape with just a click!
Jazzy Annette - The Space Cadet
10 levels of platforming action

Save the Sheriff
Do your stuff pig!
Roman Rumble
Survive each timed round.
Shadow Factory
Explore the nuclear plant and check the radiation.
Are you a towelette, or maybe a marshmallow?
Alex in Danger
Great platforming action.
Space Dude
Help space dude blast the aliens and escape!
Deep Lift
The deep sea station has broken down!

Wink The Game
Help Wink to rescue the princess.
Shift 2
The sequel to a platforming classic.
A platforming classic.
Squirrel Escape
Guide a squirrel through mysterious rooms!

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