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Sling Fire
Sling Fire - the red hot sequel to Sling!

Sling is a 2D physics platformer with a twist.

Sling Ice
The turbo-cooled third game of the Sling series.

Sling Junior
Sling for kids!

Guess who's got a little sister?

Fat Boy and the Magical Musical Cookie
Copy the magical cookie to win

Sling Ice Junior
The junior version of Sling Ice!

Roly Poly Cannon
Use you cannon to get rid of the roly-polys!
Sling Fire - Sneak Peek
Sling Fire - the red hot sequel to Sling!
Magic Pen
Make clever use of physics to collect the flags.
Fat Boy and the Cookie Vault
Unlock the secret cookie vault.

Plant Life
Collect petals and use them to battle the bad guys
Shift 3
Shift 3 extends the puzzle-platformer series.
Speedy Blocks
Group the falling blocks into threes.
Super Pop'n'Fish
Our most popular puzzle-thinking game

Speedy Bubbles
Shoot bubbles to make groups of three.
Cool physics bridge building game.
Bang for the Buck
With your annoying host Dirk Smirkley!

Funny Bubbles
Shoot the funny animals from below
Lenny Loosejocks in Didgeridoo-do
Copy the didgeridoos to win.

Mosaic Mystery
Reveal the secret of this puzzler.

Puzzled Sheep
Place arrows to set the sheep free.
Lenny Loosejocks Match-up
Classic memory game with Lenny.

Help the sleepwalkers escape from Nod!
Defend the garden from Tars!
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