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Every week we run a contest to see who can earn the most jocks before Sunday midnight (PST). If you make it into the Top 100, you win a cool prize! You must be logged in to earn jocks, but don't worry, it's painless, all you need is a nickname and an email address. Click here to log-in.

So, play some games, check your jocks (always a good idea to check your jocks), stay in the Top 100 and win (we've already given away more than $50,000 worth of stuff)! What are you waiting for? Click below to start winning!

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Sky Patrol
Defend our skies from the alien attack!
Flying Saucers
Save earth from the flying saucers!
Sluggee Shootout
Arcade shooting at its virtual best!
Popping Gallery
See how good a shot you are.
Wrong Brothers
Flying action from Runaway Stupidsville!
Burn baby burn!
Jellyfish Splat
Spaceys with jellyfish?
Turkey Time
Blow away some feathered friends.
Mutants From Mars
Arcade shoot-em-up with a twist.
Robo Shooter
Defend Mars from the machines!


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