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"The Update is here, thanks guys, so many new features make this game INSANE." - Rosebuds007

"The Update has made this game freaky awesome. Tons of stuff to unlock and different types of challenges. Graphics are awesome! You can even unlock new moves. Wow" - Abstractlogic00

"Developer nailed this one with the update. Now this is a real game. And now even more fun and challenging. Very addicitive gameplay with high replay value." - Adbjmb

"Update's amazing!!!!! Now I can't put this game down. - Rentnomore


crazypumpkinCrazy Pumpkin

Crazy Pumpkin liteCrazy Pumpkin Lite

Galactic GunnerGalactic Gunner

CrazyChainsawCrazy Chainsaw

Crazy SnowboardCrazy Snowboard

Crazy LighterCrazy Lighter

Crazy DiscoCrazy Disco

Crazy Snowboard LiteCrazy Snowboard Lite

Crazy DummyCrazy Dummy

Crazy SkeletonCrazy Skeleton

Crazy LaserCrazy Laser

Crazy MouthCrazy Mouth

Crazy EyeCrazy Eye

Crazy LighterCrazy Spark

Crazy CandleCrazy Candle

Crazy SkeletonCrazy 3D Dancing Santa

Crazy Smell DetectorCrazy Smell Detector

Crazy Metal HeadCrazy Metal

Crazy HarpCrazy Harp

Crazy PanpipeCrazy Pan Pipe

If you've got an iPhone and you like Ezone, then you owe it to yourself to try out our new Apps! You might have seen them on TV featured on CNBC, or read about them in the New York Times:

"I just love goofy little apps... Crazy Eye and Crazy Mouth kept my youngest son occupied just about forever."

- David Pogue, The New York Times

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Check out this video of Crazy Mouth in action starring one of our little beta testers - Drewy! These video trials were used to fine tune the animations and gauge user reactions.

Press Release: Releases "Crazy Mouth" and "Crazy Eye" for the iPhone

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