Win prizes in the Galactic Gunner Global Treasure Hunt!


The Galactic Gunner Global Treasure Hunt has been running for almost two weeks, and has included clues and puzzles on TouchArcade forums, YouTube, Twitter and even a real-world location somewhere in San Francisco. A close knit group of dedicated TouchArcaders have been able to work together to solve all the puzzles.

You can view the entire progress of the hunt as it has unfolded over the last two weeks in the forums, and links to the previous video clues. Make sure you don't miss these classics videos from the hunt: Trepidoid City Invasion and Trep4News.


Listen up Cadet! This is your Captain speaking. You are the Gunner - leave the flying to me!

Galactic Gunner is a new space shooter from - developed by the Edis brothers Jamie and Simon from Australia. They decided to make the space game they’ve always wanted to play: no difficult flying controls, no gettting lost in space, no hits from behind, no complex instructions to wade through — just eye-popping 3D action from the get go!

In Galactic Gunner you shoot down targets by touching the screen. Your pilot is a seasoned veteran who handles the steering (and audio commentary) so you can concentrate on the fun part: destroying any targets that cross your path!

Galactic Gunner has something for all ages and skill levels, with intuitive but challenging game-play. Your skill and accuracy (not just trigger/tap-happy luck) will earn you one of 15 different medals — do you have what it takes to earn the 'SuperNova Supreme'?

And if you are looking for a great way to show off your iPhone, then look no further! The dynamic lighting, real-time 3D graphics and effects of Galactic Gunner will amaze you and blow your friends away!

Don’t take our word for it, get it for the 'special introductory price' of (you guessed it...) only US$0.99! Get Galactic Gunner in the App Store Now!


- Eye-popping real-time 3D graphics
- Something for all ages and skill levels
- Cinematic camera angles and cut-scenes
- 7 challenging missions to unlock
- 15 different medals to earn
- Humorous salute to classic sci-fi movies and games
- Full dramatic soundtrack
- Over 200 lines of entertaining audio dialog
- Touch controls
- 3D menu system
- Dynamic 3D lighting and effects
- 3 game save slots
- Vibration feedback (iPhone only) describes Galactic Gunner as: "an exciting flight through asteroid fields, battling the menacing Trepidoids, flying inside of a colossal space station, and other scenes reminiscent of classic science fiction movies." more...


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch


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Galactic Gunner

Category: Games
Release: Spring 2009
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Version: 1.0
iPhone and iPod touch

US$0.99 Buy Now!


Galactic Gunner



(actual iPhone game-play screenshots)

Galactic Gunner

Galactic Gunner for iPhone and iPod Touch only US$0.99 Buy Now!

ABOUT US: was founded in 1996 in San Francisco by the Edis Brothers Jamie and Simon. We are still a two man company and over the years have created more than 500 web games and animations - some of our most popular being Sling, Swoopa and Lenny Loosejocks in Space.

Jamie EdisJamie Edis is the creative force behind Ezone, bringing a strong background in creative design and classical animation to the Ezone team. He is a wiz at: computer animation, illustration, puppets, editing, music, sound effects, and voices. His unique animation style, and comprehensive knowledge of animation software tools helps him create some of the funniest animations and games around. Jamie is also the creator and the voice of Lenny Loosejocks.

Simon EdisSimon Edis is a Mechanical Engineer who found his way into game development and the Internet. His career started in offshore engineering but a move to San Francisco in the Internet Boom 90's resulted in forming with Jamie. In addition to game coding and design, Simon addresses technical aspects of the website and business, and is largely responsible for the strategic direction, marketing and business management. is now based in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to running the game site and developing browser based games, we've now turned our hand to the iPhone. If you are interested in a game for your site (or an iPhone App), please contact us. Many of the games on the site are also available for license, so if you would like to add a game as-is or have it customized for your site, let us know. We also have a bunch of games that you can add to your site for free.